Public Servants.

Welcome to New General City, America’s first self-sustaining metropolis! 

After the Great War of 2022 left the coastal and border states uninhabitable, our nation’s most brilliant minds built New General City in the very center of the country. 

Now, it’s home to all of America’s legal citizens! 

And if you’re worried about undesirables in the city stealing, killing, and causing a commotion, no need to fear! 

Thanks to The Public Servants, New General City’s very own team of super-powered heroes, our crime rates are the lowest they’ve ever been! 

Interested in being part of our community? 

Just take your City Certification Exam, provide your qualifications for the career of your choice, and swear an oath to uphold our fine ordinances. 

It’s as easy as one, two, three! 

In fact, let’s hear from one of our newest citizens . . . 

Stay informed!